"March" More Fun at Paradise 101

Longing for a vacation during this school holidays? Paradise 101 Langkawi is just the right place for you.

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Langkawi's Number 1 Activity & Leisure Provider

Staying indoors is nearly impossible in Langkawi because the only way to truly appreciate the island's charms is by participating in its marine and recreational outdoor activities. Naam Group, Langkawi's top leisure and water sports operator, delivers the ultimate island experience that will stun outdoor and nature fans. Allow us to handle the planning of your trips; all you have to do now is sit back, relax, and enjoy the greatest Langkawi tours with Naam Group.

Our full-on Langkawi Tour 2021 packages include a variety of activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, sea cruises, parasailing, ziplining, and much more to guarantee you get the greatest taste of the island's charms. Apart from that, our packages also include private charter services to take you around the Andaman Sea's breathtakingly magnificent terrain, ensuring a wonderful experience for your family and friends no matter what the occasion.

Naam Group gives you the freedom to explore the island's hidden natural wonders either by private boat, car, or cruise. Make your own itinerary and explore Langkawi's distinctive islands and marvel at the amazing natural wonders it has to offer. We also provide a choice of amazing experiences that may be tailored to your preferences, whether you wish to explore ancient ruins like the Mahsuri Tomb, browse duty-free stores, or simply get lost in Malaysia's natural beauty. With Naam Group, we made it possible for you to have the best experience without having to plan anything!



Naam Group has built a strong network of local travel partners and service providers over the years to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible value. We are well-positioned and adept in designing highly customised travel packages according to each client's specific needs and budget, thanks to our extensive range of experience in travel services. We take pride in offering excellent Langkawi tours services to ensure our customers have a pleasant travel experience. With such magnificent spots waiting to be explored on land and at sea, Naam Group promises the most enjoyable and unforgettable moments on the island.