Top 10 Unique Things To Do In Langkawi

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Langkawi is a beautiful island that welcomes around 3 million tourists per year. Enriched with natural beauty, history, and unusual experiences – there is plenty of things to entertain. Whether you are planning your next family trip, the ultimate romantic holiday or deciding where to visit next on your backpacking travels – Langkawi offers something unique for all types of budgets and ages. At Paradise 101, we have pulled together our recommendations for10 top things to do in Langkawi at night. 


1. Spend a Day on a Private Island

Escape the crowds and experience the serenity and unusual charm of the private Island – Paradise 101. With restricted access, you will be able to enjoy quiet beaches and rejuvenate whilst taking in the natural beauty of your surroundings. 

Paradise 101 takes the island experience to a whole new level. There are plenty of activities for thrill-seekers – from zip lining to jet skiing, you will find fun activities to fill your day with adventure. By night, enjoy first-class cuisine and spend the night enjoying the incredible atmosphere with live bands. 


2. Kayak Through the Mangrove Trees

Take a closer look at Langkawi’s beautiful nature with a guided kayak tour amidst the mangrove trees. View the lush flora and fauna, whilst kayaking above the clear waters, watching the coral fish swim beneath you. The atmosphere of the forest is unreal, the perfect place to admire the plaits of tree roots and appreciate nature’s ingenuity in close distance. 

We recommend getting a waterproof camera or watertight case for your phone, so you don’t miss out on capturing the breathtaking views on your tour.


3. Explore The Mountainous Rainforest Of Gunung Raya

Set yourself a challenge – hike up the highest mountain in Langkawi, Gunung Raya. Although driving up the paved road is definitely the easiest way to reach the top, if you choose to climb up the fleet of stairs or trek 6km through the dense jungle, you will be pleased with hidden gems you find along the way. 

Explore the wildlife and view the dense tropical forest – when you reach the top you will get rewarded with unreal views across the island. 


4. Explore the Surrounding Islands by Jet Ski

With 99 islands, there is plenty to see around Langkawi. Rather than sit passively in a boat, take control of your very own raft. Take in the picturesque views of the coastline whilst you speed across the Andaman Sea. 


5. Visit Mahsuri Tomb and Museum

Langkawi is steeped in local legends and myths, one of the most famous is the story of Mahsuri. Mahsuri was a beautiful woman that was sentenced to death when others became jealous of her good looks. This island was then said to be cursed for 7 generations – visit the Mahsuri’s tomb and museum and learn about the Langkawi’s most famous legend. 


6. Feed the Animals at Langkawi Wildlife Park

Langkawi Wildlife Park is among the top attractions, especially for visitors with small children. The park has created an ambience of a tropical rainforest, where you can feed and pet ostriches, parrots, rabbits, porcupines, raccoons, flamingos and more! 


7. Soak in the Hot Springs at Air Hangat Village

Relax and unwind in the hot springs at Air Hangat Village. The waters are said to have healing properties that claim to be medicinal, helping improve chronic skin conditions, detoxing and joint pain. After a long soak, enjoy the zen landscape and treat yourself to the luxurious spa treatments. 


8. Zipline Over the Islands Oldest Rainforest

Soar across a canopy of rainforests and waterfalls, gliding through the lush trees, spotting wildlife along the way. Ziplining over the rainforest is the perfect way to see parts of Langkawi you would never get a chance to see. Take one of the 12 ziplines, all towering up to 200 meters, over Seven Wells waterfall and through trees in the rainforest canopy.


9. Visit Art in Paradise 3D Museum

Art in Paradise 3D Museum in Langkawi has more than 200 impressive artworks, which all appear almost lifelike when photographed. The museum is divided into nine interactive zones including aquatic, safari, fantasy, optical illusion, castles, landscapes, and more. The whole attraction is inside, so it is the perfect attraction to visit if the weather is unbearably hot or rainy. 


10. Ride Langkawi’s Cable Car

Langkawi SkyCab is one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions, with it being the longest free span mono cable car in Malaysia. Floating over the jungle and climbing over 550 million years old rock, SkyCab provides a unique experience. The bottom glass gondolas offer bird’s-eye view over the natural beauty of the island. 

Create unforgettable memories with family and friends in Langkawi. To take a look at what else Langkawi has to offer, check out our website or contact our team.

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