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In mythology, the word Naam stands for the unlimited energy of the cosmic life force, and also the symphonic interplay between that life force and the essence of our individual beings.

We named ourselves Naam because we strive to bring you experiences that go beyond the ordinary and the familiar. We combine excitement with breathtaking natural beauty, so that you feel the very pulse of life within you. Whether you are searching for adventure, romance or indulgence, Naam will make those dreams come true.

As the premier leisure and watersports company, Naam specialises in nature adventures with class and style, utilising the very latest in maritime technology and engineering. Our company has three divisions: Naam Cruise, Naam Sports and Naam World Travel & Tours.

With us, you can experience virtually every facet of Langkawi’s breathtaking beauty. So get ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Naam.

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Naam Cruise redefines the luxury-cruise experience with the latest in boating technology, sumptuous decor and outfitting, and impeccable service.

With our exquisite fleet of custom-built yachts, each cruise with Naam is a one-off experience tailored to fit your fantasies, whether you desire a tranquil sunset cruise, a romantic feast on a secluded beach, a high-speed tour of the islands by speedboat or jet ski, deep-sea fishing, a snorkelling expedition or parasailing at a remote island.

But we’re at our best at helping you plan for truly special occasions. From complex corporate events to the ultimate honeymoon cruise, or if you’re planning a surprise marriage proposal, birthday party or anniversary—whatever you desire, we’ll make it happen.


The premier leisure and watersports company, Naam Sports specialises in jet-ski adventures and parasailing. We have the largest fleet of high-tech jet skis in Malaysia and also the most technologically advanced parasailing boats and parasails for unparalleled safety and fun.

Experience the thrill of speed, challenging the waves of the open sea or join a guided jet-ski nature tour on our eco-friendly wake-free jet skis to experience the enchanting beauty of Langkawi Geopark up close. Thrill seekers can treat themselves to a heavenly ride, gliding with a parasail across the blue sky, taking in the mesmerising beauty from a bird’s-eye perspective.

With safety being priority number one, all jet-ski tours and parasailing adventures are monitored by licensed instructors and follow strict safety procedures, ensuring near zero risk and maximum comfort.


Naam World Travel & Tours is more than just VIP limo service for your holiday. Unlike many holiday destinations, Langkawi has a dizzying amount of activities to choose from, and most people find planning their itinerary a much more confusing chore than anticipated.

Naam World Travel & Tours takes all the guesswork and frustration out of planning your holiday. Let us personalise an itinerary for you based on your tastes and travel style, and leave all the hotel and transportation arrangements to us.  Just tell us your preferences and we’ll take you on an unforgettable journey in grand style.

Our extensive fleet of luxury vehicles range from the executive Starex to the Pajero.