Flying Dolphin

Reaching a top speed of up to 40 knots, the Flying Dolphin will take you swiftly from one island to another or bring you on a peaceful ride along the Kilim River to the mangrove forest.

With a shade-giving canopy and an excellent sound system, the Flying Dolphin is a fantastic boat for full day trips. A front bow ramp provides easy access, making it the perfect choice for fishing and snorkelling adventures as well as for family trips with children, older or handicapped guests.

When not skimming the sea with guests on board, the Flying Dolphin, with his stable catamaran hull acts as an excellent support vessel, making sure all tours run smoothly.

Additional Information :


Type : Twin Hull  |  Length: 29 feet  |  Width: 11 feet  |  Weight: 225 kg  |  Engine: 110 kw  |  Maximum speed: 33 knots  |  Maximum capacity : 12 pax


Sonar (Fish Finder)  |  Ramp – Disabled friendly  |  Jet plate – Dock at shore  |  Sound System – Ipod & Iphone


GPS  |  Life buoy  |  Life jacket


Snorkeling sets  |  Fishing sets