Pulau Singa Besar

Located at the south-western tip of Langkawi, Big Lion Island is accessible via a long wooden bridge. The steep, hilly land is mostly covered with lush tropical rainforest. The north-eastern part of the island boasts spectacular limestone outcrops that date back 500 million years. One of the most distinctive formations resembles a lion (singa), giving this unique island its name.

Home to exotic species of flora and fauna rarely found on the mainland, Singa Besar was declared a forest reserve and a bird and animal sanctuary in 1998.

The palm-like cycas fern or dipterocarp is often considered a living fossil and is famous for its fragrant resin. When meandering through the woods, you may spot an iguana, a peacock flaunting his magnificent feathers, or a mouse deer—all animal species that appeared in Asia during the Oligocene era 34 million years ago!

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