Sea Merlin

Sea Merlin is a prototype MRCP VIP Carrier specially built in the military class for both Navy and Offshore use. The boat is highly capable handling very rough weather with multiple manoeuvring characterises. Sea Merlin stands for the toughest and most durable platforms available on high speed craft and built for professional commercial and recreational use in the military standarsd.
As a closed carrier cabin, Sea Merlin can accommodate up to 26 passengers carried to its destinations. The closed roof protects the passengers from the sun and the whole sides and aft can be fully closed when runs into bad weather.

Sea Merlin propulsions are fitted with 4 top of the range of Yamaha Outboard F350 engines. Each engine thrusts an output of 350 Horsepower and with a total of 1400 Horsepower. The top notch speed attainable with the high powered engine is in the range of 35 to 43 knots. Sea Merlin’s hull form uniquely crosses the rough sea without much effort as compared to the boats of the same length. Sea Merlin is able to make tight breath-taking sharp corners, the video shows the powerful capability of her manoeuvrability’s. You have to be onboard to feel the G-factors during these manoeuvres.

Additionally, the ear-splitting sound Wetsound system and blaring bass experience will definitely make your heart pounding non-stop. Partying onboard in the middle of nowhere (out at sea) with throbbing bass surely is an enthralling experience.

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