Tanjung Rhu

Stretching along the shores in the north of Langkawi island, the crescent-shaped Tanjung Rhu Beach was named after the graceful casuarinas trees (rhu in Malay) that grow here.

With the bay sheltered by a peninsular, the beach has a peaceful, serene atmosphere. Just a little offshore, the magnificent rock formations of the Chabang Islands enchant swimmers with their strange shapes. At low tide, a sandbank magically appears, allowing visitors to walk across the ocean bed to explore the islands.

The surreal silhouettes of Pulau Pasir and Pulau Gasing beckon in the distance, and at sunset, the sky is set ablaze in gold, orange and red, turning Tanjung Rhu into the most romantic spot on the island.

This is the location for one of our beach operations. Just ask any taxi to take you to Naam beach at Tanjung Rhu.

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