Phone Call booking or over the counter purchase will not be the same as the website rate as the privilege discount offered online is only for the online bookers.

Yes, you have the options of paying by Credit Card/Debit Card or Paypal if you have Paypal Account.

Children 7 years old and above are allowed to join the Parasailing but has to be accompanied by parents or guardian.

250 KG for maximum of 3 people to fly

Not necessary as safety measures are provided inlcuding Life Jackets.

Both locations are amazing and have their own unique views.

We are the only company using Sea Osprey Boat specially designed for Parasailing and it operates by a winch system. It’s the safest Parasailing method. Take off and land back on the boat.

A child must be 7 years old and above to join the Jet Ski Tour or Ride.

To drive Jet Ski must be at least 17 years old and above.

Yes, we have a certified Marshall to guide you all through out the activity/Tour.

Private Marshall is available at a surcharge of RM200 per Marshall.

There are three main frop offs for thisvexclusive tour which are: Lake of the Pregnant Maiden Island, Eagle Watching at Eagle Sanctuary or Pulau Singah and to a secluded beach for Swimming.

We are using Sea Vulture or so called Jet Boat, the only Fible Glass made luxury speed boat on the islad – “Ferrari on the water”.

We have refreshing cool towels, mineral water and beach towels included on the package. There are some food stalls at one the drop off points where you could buy some snacks.

We would not recommend however, if you are keen to join despite of your condition it will be at own risk.

Would suggest to bring some extra clothes for use after the tour.

Yes you may however, we won’t be able to guarantee the visibility of water as depending on the sea condition.

It include 30 to 45 minues swimming session.

Yes it’s all 100% Halal (Pork & Alcohol Free)

Yes, we would suggest to bring extra clothes/Swimming wear.

If the weather is good, our boat are positioned in a perfect angle to view the amazing sunset.

Places of interest covered are: Fish Farm for Fish show, explore at the Bat Cave and secluded beach for swimming.

Depending on the sea condition recommended fishing spots are Pulau Singah (Lion Island), Pulau Intan (Diamond Island), Pulau Cepu and near the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden Island.

Yes, 7 years old and above able to join with their parents or guardian.

Yes, you drive on your own with our safety Marshal as guide all throughout the tour in a separate Rhino. He’ll explain the places covered and their unique significants of each.