Naam Sea Osprey

A custom made vessel specifically designed for the parasailer’s comfort, the Sea Osprey will bring you to a safe distance from the shore. A leading bow design combined with a wide stance chine to ensure an extremely stable, smooth and entirely dry ride while the latest audio system makes the trip on the sea a fun part of the entire adventure. With the latest technology, take-off and landing directly from the deck of the boat could not be any smoother. The perfect prerequisite for a heavenly ride with a breathtaking bird’s-eye view.

Weekend Ouuting At Sea Osprey Langkawi
Parachute Trip At Sea Osprey Langkawi
Adventure Parachute Trip At Sea Osprey Langkawi
Holiday At Sea Osprey Langkawi
  • Overall Length: 32’/10.058m
  • Beam: 10’6”/3.200m
  • Draft: 32”/.812m
  • Weight V/D: 12,900lbs/5851.34kg
  • Weight I/O: 12,500lbs/5669.90kg
  • Fuel: 162 gallons/613.23L
  • Engine: Inboard
  • Seating: 15 Passengers/2 Crew
  • Wet sounds speakers
  • Parasailing winch system
  • Tower speakers.