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Sea Vulture

That the Sea Vulture is a whole new generation of speedboat is totally obvious from the first time you set eyes on its sharp, sexy design. But riding in this snarling beast is also quite a different experience. Unusual for a speedboat, the entire nose of the boat is brilliantly designed as passenger space. Its downward-curving bow gives riders at the front a high-octane thrill of blasting across the water just a couple of feet off the surface—a truly novel experience, even for seasoned speedboat riders.

The Sea Vulture features plush leather seats and a chest-pounding sound system—built for both comfort and exhilaration.


Additional Information :


Length overall: 7.2 m (23’7”) | Beam: 2.6 m (8’7”) | Draft: 0.41 m (1’4”) | Dry weight: 1,528 kg (3,369 lbs) | Hull deadrise: 20° | Fuel tank: 190 l (50 gal) | Passenger capacity: 11 | Max hp: 360 hp | Base engine: Yamaha 1812cc HO | Drive / Propulsion: Jet drive | Engine type: I-4 | Displacement: 1.8 litre | Power: 360 hp @ 7,600 rpm (2×180 hp) | Induction: Atmospheric | Fuel requirement: Regular